Monday, March 2, 2009

Top of the Clubs: Dream Theater

Glenn’s Dream Theater

Entering at Glenn’s dream theater, here Glenn is meeting me, a nice and very welcoming guy, there from the first second shows his love for the place he made. Eyes looking at you from the wall, and in a strange way makes you feel welcome, and the pictures, drag you in, and make you get curious from first moment.

First room I’m shown is the fish room, wow you get a feeling like you are underwater, this room is made because a friends of him is very fond of fish, and every detail is perfect, you see the time and love put in the room.

We enter the heart of Dream theater, he made room for a nice bar, and a good hangout area to dance and hang out. The walls are full of pictures, a mix of art, and pictures from everyday Twinity. All the pictures is taken in a angel there show, this guy know something about pictures, and they are all loving cut and worked with to get the best out of every pictures, and looks real proff.

We enter a room, its like being in space. And again you see his very careful work, planets flowing in the air, I almost hit earth with my virtual head, good thing I can’t get hurt in this world. You almost get the feeling of flying in space in this room, fantastic.

Walking upstairs to second floor, I get a proof that this guy is really an artist with a camera, pictures on the walls all the way upstairs, shows pictures taking from really exciting angles, will let it up to the reader to go and see them yourself. They should be seen, not explained.

Second floor is comfy rooms, full of great pictures from Norway, spectacular weather scenes and amazing things in the pictures, when you look close. You really can spend some time studying every single picture, and you know for sure every single picture is carefully chosen to hang just there.

Glenn promise to change some of the pictures every day, give you an excuse to stop by from time to time, you might even find a picture of your own avatar one day, and I’m sure Glenn will share it with you if you ask nicely.

On Friday Glenn had the grand opening in his Dream theater, he managed to get a life dj streaming, talking and fulfill you music wishes, when you have experience it all, and dance, or take a cool drink in the bar.

Glenn looks very much forward to show it to you all!

Mia Sweetwater

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