Monday, March 23, 2009

Special Event Footage: Indie Tuesday

Indie Tuesday: Super 700 Style

Just getting into Motor was tough, my press credentials didn’t count for much, and the freight elevator was locked down for the day. Finally though, with my faithful sidekick Igor in tow, I got into the cavernous space that is the Motor Club. I hear the music first, before I am fully rezzed from the xport, it fills the hall with harmonic melodies supported by hip and sympathetic rhythms that are quite pleasing to hear. No, really… the vocalist is singing pretty tunes without the distraction of those infernal fake computer assisted tracks. Old school in the mastery of their art but with a fresh multi-faceted approach that reflects today’s culturally integrated society. Yes, Igor, I liked them very much. Why didn’t I just come out and say that? You cheeky baboon, it is because I impart comment and criticism on art that Ms. Zitty pays me. And to merely say “It was good, it rocks, and I liked the music.” means little to our subscribers who would like to peruse an informed article on a show that they might have missed. Where was I…ah yes, well it seems that Lars took my request seriously when I remarked that I had wished for the Malk folks to have shown up at the last Indie Tuesday en avatar. So I was more than pleased to see Super 700 show up in Twinity.

Avatars of Simon and Schmiddle were out dancing and mixing with the glitterati of Twinity which included a most dynamic duo. Shape–shifting has become vogue as an Amazon Lora gyrated with a meatball-shaped Ray. We all got a pretty good laugh at that with a few notable comments from Lisa. The guys in the band were quite approachable and answered questions readily. Tour dates are posted in the mezzanine of the Motor Club as is biographical data so I refer you there as well as as Simon suggested to me. Itunes and Amazon have their music too, I was assured. Jimmy Olsen signing off. 11mar09

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Lars said...

Next Indie Tuesday at ;arch 31! Do not miss it.