Thursday, February 26, 2009

Special Event Footage: Indie Tuesday

Indie Tuesday with Malk

Motor Music hosted a tekno-groove party featuring Malk the Sound of Köln or some such city that isn’t New York or Berlin. A big turnout for the three-piece concept group comprised of a singer, a street musician and a Producer.

Daniel H, looking dapper in the new support livery was the official greeter welcoming Twinizens old and new. He could not keep his feet still, nor could I.

Bubbles is the name of the release and it provided spirited music for the dance-and-chat crowd. Everyone was there like the too-cool-to-dance movement was in attendance posing, scowling and scouting the ‘action’. The pop-based tunes percolated and propelled the party to a frenzy of fun. Guests were dropping in all evening long to catch the scene here.

The Rockers were in attendance too, sizing up the competition no doubt.

Besides the freebies dispensed, (yes, I now have that cool Motor hoody Lars wears), I found the highlight of the evening to be the innovative dancing thrown down by our brothers and sisters. So inventive and creative on the floor, this reporter just gawked. Thankfully, Igor was immune to the persistent beats and actually performed his tasks with a minimum of whining or complaint. Check this!

Can I get an ‘Amen’ in here? Igor getting a money shot of Jannie dancing her ass off!

Daniel with his classic Saturday Night Fever moves inspired many clubbers this night.

Motor is a big club and can handle an even bigger crowd than we had for this event. Let’s really turn it out for these events gang, the future is ours to create.

This is Jimmy and Igor signing off. Peace out at y’all.

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