Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Top of the Clubs: Black Snow

Black Snow/Black Tie

If you are the well-dressed and stylish type I have to hip you to the scene at Black Snow. As one enters the dark and mysterious club one is immersed in the phantasmagorical theme replete with subtle lighting and wall art. The proprietor, Marco always on site to welcome the VIP’s and press alike, ushered me into a conversation area and plied me with Twinity beer and some low voltage happy powder. The mix was actually light on the devil-music and rocked with a good intensity. This place rocks!

The Late-night crowd is dancing and chatting up a storm.

Marco has employed a harem of fine dancers to augment the show and has provided them with the appropriate stage for showing-off their moves and gyrations. Igor, my assistant planted his fat butt in a stage-side chair and refused to move until the lovely vixens finished their shift. Que baboso, as we say in America, this guy is too much. The balcony has been enclosed to keep the ion winds down and is my pick for a spot to get a little closer with your favorite Twinizen.

Detail of the chic and Stylish crowd.

I know I will be seeing you there, ‘cause you don’t want to miss this show. Dress it up, keep it black and sophisticated, and you’ll be glad you did.

Jimmy Olsen signing off

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