Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Special Event Footage: R U HOT?

R U Hot?

As one can plainly see, Twinity has begun to heat up for the Coming of Spring! Shown here with M.C. Nathan, the winner of the women’s contest, Hannah, on the runway as she nails her dance routine like a pro. “I was real nervous,” she later admitted, “but I came here to win.” And win she did, with a sultry grace and a come-hither smile, she earned the votes of the judges and fans alike. Penny, Sarina, Chaos Theory, and Lora performed admirably to the delight of the crowd. A special mention for headspinning virtuosity garnered by Red Phoenix gave proof that from ashes come diamonds.

As for those gorgeous hunks of manhood led by Daniel H the gym owner, naked torsos ruled the day as the men showed-off their washboard abs. The multi-talented Designer, Ray brought home the gold for his studly moves and shy smile which he used to great effect. Many of the women avatars swooned and fainted onto the cushions. Max, Lars and the other men just didn’t have a chance. Don’t know what the man has, but he has it in spades. Calm, self-assured and serene in his co-ordinated outfit of Supershape skullcap and shorts matched to a very 80’s red leather tie, Ray strutted his stuff to an appreciative crowd that strained Nektar to its capacity. Many in the crowd remarked on this event being their favorite party yet. The dancing rocked on for a while as we all jumped up on the catwalk and grooved the night away.

Jimmy Olsen saying goodnight for now. JO23mar09

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When you are hot, you're hot! Very interesting blog! Love, Mrs. Slug