Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Top of the Clubs: RELAXX!


As part of my ongoing research into the night-life of Twinity I have found yet another gem of a club. Relaxx is the name, but owner/DJ Webbi has a different theme each night besides chillin'. One night will be the Chaos Party, the next might be the Relaxx Edition. In step with a young crowd that demands more, Relaxx delivers. A place for beautiful people in the mood for a good time boasting three, yes three dance floors for you athletic types, while we sensitive intellectuals will no doubt be sequestered in the Tiki Bar which Webbi so thoughtfully erected. No there is no photo as Igor, the photographer failed to salvage a photo of said Tiki Bar. This night began as seven twinizens descended from the ethernet into the club. Of course the beautiful women are covered as Igor is the papparazzi from hell, but he sometimes gets the job done in spite of himself.

<-- Trailergirl

Lozer -->

These Folks are Stylin’ and throwin down serious moves on the floor!

Danielle and Webbi in perfect unison. But then what else would one expect of these dancing dervish, hmm?

Di, already famous for her knockout role in Twinity Pimpz, is dancing at Club 103! Here she synchronizes with the proprietor of Relaxx, perhaps earning another shift? Certainly this reporter was in awe at the beauty of two friends dancing as one.

Luckily I was aware enough to kick Igor and mimed for him to take the bloody shot already! As luck would have it my assistant accidently took two good photos of the occasion.

Relaxx, what can happen?

This is Jimmy Olsen signing off.


* Not to be confused with Rolexxx, my fave DJ from the Cyber Sommelier Lounge

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Lars said...

Seems to be a cool club! Like your pictures.