Thursday, January 29, 2009

Top of the Clubs: BNF Nightclub

B-Boy Nation Freestyle Nightclub

Jimmy Olsen, club reporter here, with an exclusive & breaking story. I can confirm the rumors that Cente King has headed up an underground scene in the BitCubes of Bitropolis. His B-Boy Nation is in full swing at the Breakdance club, flying under the radar in true renegade style. Lookout Twinity! This is where the Ravers and Breakdancers, Tripping Billy’s and Dancing Nancy’s get the Endless Groove.

The dance floor packs as more swingers teleport in. Dee runs a bangin’ bar and is well-known as one of the top bartenders in Twinity. Cente keeps the tunes fresh as the twinizens chat and dance till all hours. I know I will see you there, ‘cause I know that you ain’t square…like L7, baby.

Jimmy Olsen signing off.

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