Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Dwellers of the Metaverse pt.I

Our reporter J. Olsen sent me this report of a mysterious encounter he had:

"While conducting interviews on the streets of our Virtual Berlin I was approached by a ‘Presence’. The familiar yellow letters ‘Avatar’ floated over an empty space but I ‘felt’ that I was chatting with a person. A bossy, know-it-all type, if you know what I mean, but invisible to me, person. Anyhoo, so this is how it went down.

“From where do you hail good fellow?” I query.

“Oh, I live here,” he says.

“Interesting, uh, nearby or what?”, okay, so I was a little flustered.

“No, I just exist within your community. So, what good are you doing here?” he asks.

“I’m an artist, and writer here, and hey, I’m the one asking questions here,” I protest.

“Aren’t you just wasting time here, or out for your own gain?”

“Damn, that’s harsh dude, I am a nice guy, I’m creative and I share. What the hell else you want from me? A weak riposte, I know. “You can’t do anything bad here anyway. Our Creators were wise enough to omit certain items and actions.”

“I see,” he intones, “so the loss of free will doesn’t bother you?”

“Dude, lighten up, there’s plenty to do here and I’ve seen rare and wondrous things in Twinity so dial it back a bit and chill.”

“And who do you think was responsible for these things?” just a little ominously.

“I am guessing cool glitches in the software.” I hedge, admirably. “Did you see the Ghost Boy, or the dude that sprouted branches from his fingers? Hell, here is a picture of Simone from ten years ago, how weird is that?”

Ever so cryptically he asserts, “Ah, yes, I remember.”

“Hell you do, you weren’t there and I don’t want to hear it!”

“I have seen all these things and more”, now you know his attitude is getting to me.

“Oh please, what about the Cocteau moment with Tauri, or the igneous man or the ‘Gneiss look’, huh?” I’m really goin now. “What about it, huh?”

“Yea, those were pretty good, but there are greater things to come.”

He transported off to who-knows-where-or-when - and it will be too soon seeing him again. This is your Twinity reporter J.O. signing off."

Giving me the creeps... Write us if you ever experienced something similar!

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