Monday, January 26, 2009

A Twinity Love Story

A Twinity Love Story: Rosa Schmidt and Marco "engaged" in Twinity

Today i attended the "engagement"-party of Rosa Schmidt and Marco, two Twinizens that found each other in Twinity and fell in love with each other.
Linking people together all over the world is propably the best feature of virtual worlds like Twinity, and if love comes to it is becoming the most beautiful thing.

I used the opportunity to chat with the couple on theire engagement party in the club "Ringelpietz2":

Great Marco - the first Twinity-couple! How long do you know each other by now?

Marco: Since 10.12.2008

And where in Twinity did you meet each other for the first time?

Marco: Here (in Ringelpietz2) at the bar, Love at first sight hehe

Ah, that is why you chose this location for your "engagement" party

Marco: Yeah, exactly. It is not my music-style though, but whatever

Do you have a place of your own together?

Marco: Yes, since one week.

And what have you ventured together here already?

Marco: We go out dancing together and since four days we work together each day.

Nice, and when will be the first real-meeting?

Marco: Ah, in a few weeks, we just started to phone yesterday

How far do you live from each other?

Marco: About 120km

Well, that is not too far ;) Is it your first internet-relationship?

Marco: For me, yes.

Rosa Schmidt: For me too.
(*twinkling at each other)

Well, I wish you both the best for the future, and good luck!

Marco: It gonna be alright *g* we are very fond of each other! A very lippy girl...


I will keep up with the development and maybe soon we have the news of the first real Twinity-Marriage? t.b.c.

- Flo

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Lars said...

Good luck to Rosa and Marco!