Thursday, November 27, 2008

Zitty Readers Lounge Live Reading

Zitty Readers Lounge Live Reading
featuring Mia Ming

Yesterday evening at 8:00 PM Berlin local time the first live event started at the Zitty´s
Readers Lounge. Mia Ming read from her book "Bad Sex 2". The Book is a collection of 33
storys from different men, sharing their experiences with the opposite in a very amusing way.
But it was not only amusing, it handles some situations who everybody had at least heard of.
You keep smiling and laughing in the hope that YOU never had this kind of situation to deal

There were around twenty people to listen to this act. Everything has worked fine, the audio
quality of the reading were really good and the different story´s were exciting. Most people liked it.
I personally noticed one male character who didnt like the stuff. I talked to a small group
after the event and one finally ordered both books already. I pretend, thats an event its
gonna be, it was funny, the technical background worked excellent, except a few disconnects
but this gonna happen and even the author must be happy to announce his masterpiece in this
different ways with a real and a virtual audience.

I can only hope, that there are more events like this one in the future. The only thing,
I would suggest, dont let anyone entering the stage during the event. It was a little bit
annoying. Maybe in the future the author can present himself for a few minutes for the
photographers around there. I do not blame the photographer, dont get me wrong. He just want
some good pictures to do his job but it was some sort of annoying to have people entering the
stage area and take pictures in the middle of a presentation. Just keep that Question in
mind, would you do this in Real life on a live event? I quess not, to be honest, not a long
At last, I hope that this person read this article and share the pictures with the community,
there must be some closeup shots with the Book sign in the background. Would be nice to
publish them for all of us.

My best wishes and and a lot of respect goes to the author of this book, Mia Ming. And I hope that all of you had such a nice and funny evening as Iam.




Lars said...

Hi Samantha, Thank you for the excellent article! For your information, next event will probably take place on December 18th. Lars

Samantha said...

Thanks for your compliments Lars, good to know that people are reading and like the articles too. :D Well, if they are a event on the 18th then I will be there again. :)
cheers Sam