Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Ray in the Focus

Ray in the Focus

Ray in his club

Do you want your own, exclusive apartment in Twinity and have no idea where to start and what to build? Why you dont call a designer, someone like Ray.
To be honest, I just had the story of another club in my mind when I met Ray. He was applying
for a job not easyily done, he wants to be a apartment designer to create things for other
people. Ray did a good job in his club, and I think his club should be his reference.
We talked a lot about the options given and the creative work and he said its a pleasure to
work from detail to detail. Its a fun to build up a room for several hours, give it your
personal atachments to see the breathtaking details when you finished he said.

Rays Classic Rock Galerie

As i mentioned before, Ray got his own club called "Ray´s classic Rock Galerie". The Music
style is soft and Hard rock and the place looking very special. Its a nice place to hang
around, listening to some music and the place reflects the talents of Ray very good. Its all
in the same style, the rooms of the clubs have something special, something strange very well
designed and with many details.
So, if you get the feeling of a new or a redesigned apartmant or club write to Ray or spent
him a visit in his club and talk to him directly.

If you get the feeling you do something special or you running a special place do not hesitate
to contact me, write me a mail or visit me in my apartment. I always keep looking for a good story.

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