Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Top of the Clubs: Titty Twister

Top of the Clubs

A lots of sound and even more drinks, fun & style at the

Titty Twister

in New Mexico


I decided to travel a little bit around to write this article. So I arrived in Mexico at the famous Titty Twister. You feeling stunned when you see this place the first time. There´s a little stage, big mirrors all over the place, some effects added very nicely. In my opinion it´s one of the finest places to party in Twinity so far if you like Rock music. Well, to be honest, its not only Rock, it´s some sorts of independent, rock, metal but it fits perfectly and the concept works very well.


I asked Eleanor for a exclusive interview and she invited me to her apartment and we talked a lot.

Sam: What was the idea to build up a club like the Titty Twister?
Eleanor: Well, I had the idea when I saw a lots of clubs beeing the same, clean, without a style and not beeing like a club. I never saw a club with totally clean toilets and so on. So I decided so start something different, something real. When you enter the club, you get the feeling of a club who is in use everyday. That was the feeling I wanted to create.

Sam: Did you get help or did you everything on your own?
Eleanor: Well, I build everything on my own, paintings at the wall of the toilet and we are the only club who had a cigarette and a condom machine, safety comes first (laughing). What I mean to say is, that all these gadgets keep the club alive and create the atmosphere that you find at the Titty Twister. It was a hard work and after twenty hours I stopped counting but it was worth every minute.

Sam: Do you have plans for the future, maybe a event or something in that way?
Eleanor: Well,there are several things. There will be events in the near future, maybe in December but I cant say a concrete date. The second thing, I will expand the bar a little bit but also no date for that. Create events in the future, when more people join Twinity. That would be great and one of my goals with the Club.

Sam: Well, thank you for your time and I hope that you have a lot of fun and nice people in the Twister.
Eleanor: Thanks a lot, everytime again. See you in the club folks (smiling).

Thanks again for your time Eleanor and I hope to see many of you in the clubs, having a nice time, listen to the music and share the drinks together.


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Lars said...

Great story about the Titty Twister. I recommend everybody to visit it in Twinity!