Monday, December 1, 2008

Top of the Clubs: Nachtwerk

Top of the Clubs

located in Karlsruhe/Germany

Heyho Partypeople, let me introduce another club. This time the Nachtwerk, a really nice, well designed club who comes up with regulary events. I was at the Monday evening event, who comes up with gothic and industrial like music. The dresscode for the monday evening event is, as you can quess, black.

I talked with Flo, who is the owner of the Nachtwerk, a little bit about the club and the events and other interesting projects he started already or is going to start. Let me tell this, the Twinity Times got a exclusive interview and some information who we are proud to be the first to announce. I also talked to the Dj and some visitors on the event. Flo runs two clubs, the first club is Neotokyo presented in manga style, there are two events, every friday Drum and Base and every saturday GOA Trance Party. The second club is the Nachtwerk in Karlsruhe/Germany. Well, in thr first time they had both mixed music but it seems better to have different styles so Flo decided to split them up for the clubs. In the Nachtwerk is a gothic/industrial music style and the enviroment fits perfectly for the music direction. As Alierot, a good friend of Flo and was also on the event told me, Flo is an artist to manage and work with the frames to get a good looking club. She´s absolutely right because Flo did an excellent job.I talked to Flo about future events in the Nachtwerk, he told me that every monday the black Night Event gonna start, in the near future there are two new events going to start, you can see teasercover already in the club, the first one a Ramstein Party Event with a lot of alternative metal, the second will be a theme event focussing Monster Magnet and Queens of the Stoneage. Im excited to be the first who can tell you this, there is the concept of a 18+ mature event in his mind and I think this would be awesome like the rest of the events, specifically when take a look at the enviroment. Could be really interesting and I will try to gather more information on this, so stay tuned.

I talked to several quests at the event and even the Dj, Cente. He told me that he found some cool people there and he is very pleased with the event and the people around. Also Dana, we talked a little bit and she descriped the people so nice and helpful and always friendly, so it was just fun to be there.

Well Partypeople, Monday next week is your chance to meet nice people, share some drinks, listening to really nice music and remember, wear black.


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Lars said...

Very interesting article about one of the coolest clubs in Twinity. Everybody should visit it! I am looking forward to reading the next stories. Lars